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All great info fellas and I do appreciate it.

I understand 9lbs is a lot when I'm going up a mountain. I don't have the thousands of feet in elevation here but sometimes hundreds and that's a lot closer to sea level, but I understand. If I said I'm going with the Kimber in a 6lb rifle the guys on the other side would be slaying me about the gun is too light, the barrel won't hold up, or will start to vary the shot while in a match etc etc....

This gun has to do both right now. That's not saying in a year or two I start shooting more matches, I upgrade barrels or whatever on the next one I buy, then I go buy a fly weight rifle to hike with. I do understand hunting is about a lot of moving around with little shooting. I am aware of what it takes to pack game out and what it means as far as work. I process my own too as I think it's fun.

I did a lot of reading about the Tikka last night while insomnia set in and as I sit at home to do work it still pulls me away to read more on them too. Like I said, all I have are articles on the internet and forums to take the good and the bad and discard and accept the middle road. Gripes I've read on the Bergara, "not as smooth of an action" which you have to consider the source. A lot of regurgitating what you hear I think happens a lot on forums. The negative I hear about the Tikka is the flimsy stock and no bedding blocks. I think I know where I'm going, but, I'll try and handle both first.

I think in the caliber part of the debate it's almost splitting hairs, of course this is my opinion. I don't NEED to get another caliber, it's more of a want. I have 308 guns that I could modify, but something about being a reloader and the 6.5 CM has me sucked in now. Maybe as I've been away from the hobby and just heard about it vs actually researching it, who knows, doesn't matter. Heck, I like the 30 cal stuff being a reloader too, as well as my 45 Colt stuff! Hell I reload for every caliber of gun I have, almost too mcuh, but I like it. Lots of fun calibers to reload for, why not throw another one in there.

Much appreciated on all the info and opinions!
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