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A friend of mine, who buys the newest, greatest thing, got a RPR in 6.5. I was prepared to not like it, on two fronts... I don't get along well with Ruger firearms, and I just don't see the 6.5CM as All That and a bag of chips.

I will tell you, as a bench gun, the 6.5 is a hoot to shoot. It's easy on the shooter, and it's hard to not make you look like a hero. I was shooting my Savage .308 bolt gun next door, fighting the recoil, trying to do Everything right. I could set at the 6.5, eat a taco, drink a beer, and hit the X-ring all at once, all day long. I don't hunt, so I can't comment on the round on game.

Are there other cartridges that will do the same thing? Sure. The 6.5CM is just a refined cartridge from somewhere else. Is a 6.5CM on my short list? No.

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