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I'll try to not be "catty"(or snarkie).
I've hunted "out west" several times both DIY and guided. The DIY hunts were when I was much younger and extremely fit from hard work. On those, I carried a 7mm RM that I was intimately familiar with but it turned out my shots were all under 200 yards so I could have done as well with a .308.
My 2017 hunt was guided and vehicle based so weight wasn't an issue. I used the same 7mmRM and again, this shot was @ 250 yards(.308 range). In fact, I've shot only 2 elk over 300 yards and both were with 300 WM but the 7mmRM would have done as well.
Plan on carrying the rifle more than shooting it and chose a cartridge that's within your comfort zone. There are places where the average shot will be in the 300 yard range so having that capability is important. The 7mmRM has that capability at the expense of more recoil than a 30/06 or 280 Rem.
You don't have to shoot the magnum extensively to hunt with it and I don't recommend the average hunter to even try that. Shoot the boomer enough to find the load it likes and get to know the platform. After that, it's not necessary to beat yourself up just to stay familiar with it unless you choose to do so.
I found that my preferred 7mmRM load was nearly identical in trajectory and drift to the 25/06 load I use for deer hunting so I get to "practice" as much as I need/want at 25/06 recoil levels.
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