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Awesome input so far fellas!

I pistol shoot mostly, I didn't like GLOCK l, own a bunch, still don't like them haha. I shoot other brands way better and am in the midst of retiring them all.

That Tikka peaks my interest and will be looking into those as well. Thank you very much for the recommendation.

I do hunt, for almost 20 years,, from October thru January on private and public tracts of river bottom and timber. Archery, muzzle loader, and shotgun (no rifle in Iowa other than straight wall). I carry 30-50lbs on my back for tracts of land from 40-400 acres. However I overpack on purpose for those treks and I end up in a tree 15-20 feet off the ground and sit hours on end rather than hiking 6 hours.

Great info guys!
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