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I may succumb

Please keep any negative or "catty" comments to yourself. I can't believe in a forum full of adults I need to ask this, but I'm busy and really don't care to weed through anyone's BS

This is a two fold post/question/vent/rant ha!

6.5 Creedmoor, I just want to dislike it. It's one of those things where every caliber that "comes out" is the "greatest caliber to ever be imagined". I hate that. I see it with the 22 Nosler, now the 224 Valkery, who knows whats next. This post isn't to debate those calibers, maybe your thoughts on the 6.5 CM if you choose. The difference being the Creedmoor has been out 10 years now and really gaining popularity. This, is where I start to sway. Everything I read ( I have no real world experience with it and have to go on what others report) says thing thing really is all that. It still being around and popular make me waver in my dislike for it and want to look at it in an upcoming rifle purchase.

The rifle:
In another post, I talked about going out west, doing a long range precision class in the spring, possibly two before heading out west, and I want a new gun just because. I mean hey why not!? I talked magnum because I don't have one, now I'm rethinking with the above. I also talked backpacking out west and will be toting the rifle with, however, won't lend well with a heavy rifle nor will my classes do well with a pencil barrel rifle either. The reality, I have to do a "multi-purpose" rifle purchase as I no longer feel confident in my Savage to get through a course after loads of reading on the older Mod 10, and hey, who doesn't want more guns!?
This brings me to the mountains of reviews, research, possibly going custom rifle and spending gobs of money (for me) at which point I'm not going to bench rest shoot, I wouldn't MIND doing some long range events, however, I need a one rifle multiple bills right now. As I'm getting in better shape, I don't need or want to spend money on a 5 lb gun but I don't want to lug an 11 lb gun in the mountains either. I've landed at the Bergara B14 HMR in 6.5 Creedmoor.

I searched the forums, didn't see much on them, so I'm asking you gun guru's, what are your thoughts? I know it weighs about 9 lbs, I'm fine with this really. Price point is right, from what I read and read and read the performance seems to be there. It's also a platform I can change items out as the need or want or wallet arises and continue to make a better precision gun out of.

Let's have it, be respectful please.

Thank you in advance.
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