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Not sure what all your instructions might say. There are are some forms that you can make copies of for your load data when using a chrony that records your shot string info and provides the formulas to figure out your extreme spread, average and standard deviations as well as your stored energy for a given load. These or at least a log book of some sort to record your data in are a must in your load developement . Buy a spare battery right away as if the battery gets weak it will start to get cranky and you will start chasing your tail trying to figure out whats going on. You will get false readings, skipped readings, error messages and so on. When in doubt change the battery. Dont set your chrony up in the shade. It needs good light for the defusers ( sky screens ) to work properly. Turn the thing off between even brief shooting sessions again to keep that battery strong. Look where your barrel is pointing in relation to the sky screens and not what you see in your scope or you may just get the dirty deed done and shoot your chrony . Cant think of anything else except to carry a couple of pens with your chrony. Memory isnt all its cracked up to be.
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