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My Hornet is a 219c. It doesn’t cock. I wonder if all 219 barrels will work on all series 219 actions? Also a guy claims he has a 219 zipper barrel for sale. I think he is confused and has a 219 22 Hornet barrel.
I had a nice 25/20 couple years back. I had excellent luck loading spitzer bullets in 30/30 so I did same with 25/20. I had K4 on it and got 1.5” at 100yds. With 25/20 bullets JFPs I was getting about 3” at 100. Before I had D&T for scope I got ahold of some bulk rejects of Win Western 25/20 bullets. The bullets had ended up as round nose, the exposed lead was at the base. These were the best shooting of any jacket bullet I’ve shot in 25/20s. I look for them at every show. They were manf in 60s and in plain white box with WW Olin Industries on box
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