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Added Another Savage 219 to My Collection

I couldn't help myself and bought another Savage 219. Last fall I bought a Savage 219 in .22 Hornet. It had an engraved receiver and I couldn't pass it up. Bought it for under $400.00. Then in December after reading more about the 219's I decided to get a 30-30 Win barrel for it. I eventually found one on-line with forearm wood for $140.00. I had to fit the barrel to the receiver for complete lock up. I drilled and tapped both barrels and fitted them with bases and scopes.

The 219's were produce in four calibers: .22 Hornet, 25-20, 32-20 and 30-30. Recently I noticed several 219's for sale in .25-20, a rare caliber which got me to thinking. They were all selling for $800 and up, pretty pricey. I started searching for one in .25-20. I found a third one for sale at They were also asking $800.00. I didn't need it, but a third one in .25-20 would be nice. I cast, reload and shoot a lot of .25-20 so this would fit in. I offered $700.00 for it from They accepted and I'll have the gun next week.
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