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Here is what I know about NBT bullets from a lot of deer shot with the .308 125 grain bullets at a starting velocity of 3000 fps at the muzzle. They flat out work, and work very well. I would not hesitate to use that 120 grain you bought on deer at the velocity your talking about.

My daughter with a M700 .300 Savage and Howa Alpine .308 Win has taken close to 30 animals in the last eight years with the 125 grain .308 ballistics tip including one cow elk. 20+ whitetail, 5 pronghorn, 3 mule deer bucks, and the 1 elk is a pretty good test of one bullet. Ranges has been 25 yards to over 400, there have been a few bad shots but that was never the bullets fault. The only animal my daughter said she wants a different bullet for is elk. I used that bullet because she was recoil sensitive starting out at 11 years old with the .300 Savage.

I talked with Nosler as well years ago, and was told the same thing the jacket on the lighter bullets is thicker. I joined the Nosler forum and saw some sectioned Ballistic Tip bullets, and the jackets did appear thicker on the lighter bullets. The person from Nosler explained the 130 grain and up .308 bullets all started with the same "cup" (jacket) and all the cups were thicker at the base. They just trim the cup to match the core plug they're going to use, so naturally as you shortened up the cup it became thicker.
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