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.284 120gr Nosler ballistic tip

In my search for reloading components I've came across some 120gr ballistic tip. I've used a few ballistic tips over the years and was unhappy with their terminal performance.

I've talked with one of the techs at Nosler about it and they said this bullet is different. "It has a thicker jacket and isn't as explosive as our 140gr and will actually penetrate as well or better then the 140 grainner in the 7mm-08." As per the Nosler tech. There's quite a few forums about this bullet and it seems there are quite a few people that love it for deer.

Here's my thing, I hunt the woods. Most of the deer I've taken are essentially taken at what I call extended bow range and this tends to be very destructive on cup and core bullets. I've used the 120gr ttsx and it's a fine bullet but I've seen to many deer make it to far for my liking. My gun definitely prefers the 120's as it shoots 1/2" groups with them VS 1.5" groups with everything else.

In short I'm looking to load this little 120gr pill around 2900 fps and I'm looking for real world performance and experience with this bullet before I order a few hundred.
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