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Punch ammo . . .

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I read about this stuff in the latest issue of Shooting Illustrated and was surprised to find it in the local big box hardware store. The article makes the case that these rounds are about deep penetration sans expansion, while recognizing that 22LR is not the best personal defense ammo. I think these may be designed for people who are going to carry a 22 no matter what you tell them. Anway, I bought 100 rounds, which were kinda pricey at 26 cents a shot, but worth the fun of trying it out.

I shot them out of my Walter PPK/s22 and my NAA Black Widow. Ran them along side some Winchester high velocity JHP and some Aguila super extra jacketed round nose.

The punch ran the Walter as good as anything (Am still breaking in the Walter so . . .) and the accuracy is fine. Felt recoil seemed to be no greater than the other ammo. I did notice that the punch were clearly louder.

Out of the NAA the felt recoil may have been more that 22lr, but not as much as 22 magnum. Seriously louder out of this little gun.

As I recall from the article, the load, with its flat nose, is designed for deep penetration without expansion. So, I think if I were going to carry my Walter for SD, I'd load the magazine alternating between punch and something with high velocity and a JHP. That way you'd get a deep penetration on one shot and a bigger wound channel on the next. (Of course carrying a 380 is better still but that's another discussion.)

Sorry I don't have a chronometer or access to ballistics gel.

I haven't look but I'd imagine there are some videos about this stuff on line.

Thoughts and comments welcome.

Prof Young
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