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Originally Posted by bamaranger View Post
Just saw the pics of the Chiappa Alaskan, very nice. And, as I noted earlier, they got the twist rate right with the 1-20". I was not aware that their carbine was offered with same. The takedown feature seems appealing as well.

Best of luck with your new carbine.
It's a fun little rifle.

Only thing I'm less sure about is the large lever loop. I get it if you are wearing a folded back mitten but that just isn't that likely I'm going to wear one. I'm tempted to look at replacing it with either a classic profile one or maybe one of those "modern hunter" which are a fatter loop but still have a the flat face.

I'm also tempted to put an XS sight at the back of the receiver asirons are fun but with my eyesight unless it's a peep right back by my eye I struggle.


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