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Originally Posted by TruthTellers View Post
It's a question like this when I wish DPris was still with us cuz he'd likely have an answer for me, but I see Ruger came out with a subcompact Security 9 and it seems they're making the Security 9's the successor to the SR9 with such offerings, so it got me to wondering if they're going to be doing a Security 45 line in the future.

Any of you gentleman interested in a $300 polymer Ruger .45?

I would be under one condition: make the mags hold more than 10 rds. Enough Ruger, if Glock and Walther can make their .45's hold 12 and 13 rds respectively, you can too.
Mr. Dpis from what I remember was a big Fan of the Ruger American and touted it heavily. And which Ruger sells in There is NO WAY I would even think of getting a Secuirity 9 in that caliber. They are budget guns to begin with.
If I wanted a Ruger in 45 semi, I would choose the American or go with the Discontinued SR9 both of which are light years ahead in build quality.
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