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Savage Model 99 with round counter, plain non-take-down model in a common deer caliber
All of the Savage 99s with rotary magazines have the round counter. It was one of the selling points of the rifle. Early guns have a brass one, later guns have a steel one.

Takedown 99s ended with WWII. Rotary mag 99s in .308 Win are rare, they supposedly exist, but no one ever seems to see any. Most of the .308s are the later box magazine models from the 60s. Rotary mag 99s in .300 Savage are common. Savage began factory drill & tap for scopes in the 50s, different years for different models. The easy way to check is just look at the gun. Factory drilled & tapped guns had the name moved to the side of the gun. If the name is over the chamber and it has scope mount holes drilled through it, it was not done by the Savage factory.
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