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Yes sir , but you may not like my answer .
Shoot with your left hand !
Not being funny , lost eyesight in right eye and use of right hand ...gave up shooting .
Helping At a skeet range with Boy Scouts and one of the instructors says come on shoot a few clay targets we have a bunch left over ... I say I can't ...he says you got a left eye and a left arm ...shoot left handed ! He showed me how to stand ...Took some getting used to but lefty shooting isn't that hard it's not like writing ...writing lefty was a pain .
I actually smoked the first clay out of the thrower ... I was amazed ...missed a bunch but was shown it is doable .
Shooting a handgun is easier , hold in left hand , shoot with left trigger finger but aim with right eye ...try different gripping holds to find what feel most natural ...little practice and you will tearing out X's .
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