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Originally Posted by TunnelRat View Post
To me shooting is part of owning firearms, whether that’s training or practicing what you’ve been trained. Pure enjoyment is a legitimate use as well. Dry fire and pellet don’t replace actual shooting. I can get someone not wanting to shoot as much, but shutting it off entirely is to me going to a detrimental extreme.

I have ammo set aside for defense. At the same time even longer engagements aren’t generally involving thousands of rounds. If the flag really goes up then medical supplies, medical training, food, clean water, and a community of like minded people to help take care of you and each other are going to matter more than a few thousand rounds in the basement. If the best I can do for my son is pass him a supply of never shot pistol ammunition from decades ago I don’t know that I’ve accomplished much, especially if he himself is then unwilling to shoot it. Just my philosophy.

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Of course I shoot for the pure enjoyment, never said I did not. If I had my way I would be shooting every day, but this is far from the norm. And a far as pellets guns and rifles, they ARE fun. And they are IMO more than just fun, they absolutely can replace actual shooting. Been doing this for way too many years to think it cannot. If fact, you have a tendency to shoot more and train and practice more with Air guns. You can really hone your point and shoot skills.
I was shooting more than a 2,000 rd of 9mm a month before the CRAPOLA. Not shooting my supplies may sound extreme to you, but we are in extreme circumstances at the present and most likely into the future.
We all have our opinions of what we will need in the Future. Yes, I do have medical supplies, water etc, but do not count on a community of like minded people to help. Great if so, but I do not want to assume anything.

In fact just got back from the range today. But shotgun only. And yes you need to keep up with those skills as well. The Shelves at the lGS were the lowest I have seen yet. I mean they were BARE!

Yes, I might give in a take a box of 9mm to the range when I just cannot stand it any longer. But I know very well, that every box shot is a box gone for good. Each to his own.
And I also believe the next 4 years are going to be something we have never experienced before and I believe it is going to get real ugly.

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