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Pictures later.......HOPEFULLY!!

Work has been killing us ( And the broke tractor hasn't helped either as it took 4 trips over 4 days, 40 mile round trip!, to the shop and then back out to the woods where it was broke down to get it fixed! )so other than a couple of hours on a afternoon or two we've not been able to hunt.

But this's 55 degrees, little wind and we have a fog advisory from the local weather folks. And from how the river behind the house looks right now they are right about the fog.......can't see but a little ways.

Should be a perfect morning for a hog walk. In fact while I was putting the last few turns to the bolts on the tractor the other afternoon Louann walked down one of the fire lines that I'd been working on and found where more than a couple of hogs had been rooting up red-root. That fire line is about a half mile long and in a semi-circle with the hog sign being at the back of it near a thick slightly wetter area.

She's going down there............says there is not enough room for me in that area with her so she says I have to pick a place to be DROPPED OFF........and that I need to keep the phone on in case she needs help.

Now think about that for a moment. She's going to drop me off and then call me to come to her if she shoots something? And she's got a doe tag burning a hole in her pocket along with the hogs potential...........

I almost hope she does not shoot anything.
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