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hunting lessons from defensive classes

I have found quality self defense classes to be extremely beneficial to my hunting skills. I am a member of Front Sight outside of Las Vegas. I try to get often as I can to help maintain my skills. The basic ideology behind Front Sight is to be able to defend yourself with firearm in case of an attack. From this perspective, it would be easy to dismiss as “not applicable” to the hunter. However, it is what is taught that is key. The primary lesson is weapons proficiency broken down into small easily learned steps. Areas such as sight alignment, trigger control, accuracy, malfunction correction, target acquisition, and muzzle control are all elements we try to master as hunters.
The second area of self-defense training is learning to control your own mind. When faced with threatening situation where we may have to fight, the body dumps a massive amount of adrenaline into the system. This results in tunnel vision, shaking hands, and decreased ability to think critically. The same thing happens when we are hunting. Ever hear of Buck Fever? It is the body’s same response to a possible fighting situation with adrenaline being released into the bloodstream. Self-defense tactics train you to maintain composure at level which ensures you make an accurate and appropriate shot by repeatedly putting you into scenarios which recreates the adrenaline rush at the same time requiring you to make critical shots. Whether you are shooting on the range or in a simulated tactical advance, the lesson is control of yourself and your weapon.

Reguardless of weather we are drawing a bead on a soon-to-be-perforated-bad-guy or whether we are scooping out the next world record Mule Deer, the lessons of control and proficiency are applicable. Not to mention, Self-defense training is one heck of a lot of fun! If you have the chance, give it a try!
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