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I don't trust any of those videos when it's clear they have been edited and narrated. From the moment I see the video isn't raw footage straight from the cam it is suspect to me.

A cop who looks confused might be confused for several reasons. Maybe he is confused about the law, or his superior's instructions and how he should carry them out if the situation has turned out to be something other then initially expected. Or perhaps he is confused by what he should do if his personal beliefs really conflict with his duty.

There could be many reasons the cop could look or behave confused when someone goes out looking to ambush him with a camera.

Oh yes, then you have anger, is he angry that someone is open-carrying or angry he has to put up with some dude trying to make a political or whatever point. Again there could be many reasons a cop would look angry in a situation like some of these and it's all too easy to paint a sign saying why you think he is angry when that reason fits your purpose.

Don't take the yous and yours personally, they are not aimed at you guys.
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