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Originally Posted by zincwarrior
I don't know about all states, but I know here, failure to identify yourself will get you legally arrested, where they will sort out your identity. If they are lawful orders, they are lawful orders, and you will be arrested if you violate them.
Really? I didn't realize that Texas had gotten so persnickity. I don't know of any jurisdiction where you're required to identify yourself until you're detained or arrested. The peace officers there should be very careful in asking people for ID if they don't have probable cause that would support and arrest.

I'm a cop in Louisiana, and Louisiana is an open carry state. We've been an open carry state for years. It's really not a problem in most jurisdictions, and where it is a problem, lawsuits generally educate the police. Nothing talks like money,and in this tight economy when you hit an agency for several hundred thousand dollars it hurts.
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