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Almost all I carry anymore are 1911's in one configuration or another. And, while it can be a lot of gun to carry for sure, the right gear makes all the difference. IMO, the MOST important part of the carry rig is the belt. I know others have said it as well, but the value of a quality belt in concealed is something that simply cannot be overstated. I carried over 10 years before I finally spent the money on a quality belt, and wish now I had purchased the belt first instead of wasting an exorbient amount of money on holsters that I now realize work wonderfully with a good belt. So my personal recommendation to every new carrier now is buy a belt first. If yo don't want t spend tons and don't require leather for daily attire, the Wildness Instructor Belt in the 5-stitch model is an exceptional quality gun belt for less than $50.

I don't carry extra mags though as I figure if I can't get myself out of a situation with 15 shots, 30 probably won't help or I'll be pushing daisy's.
Not quite the same when your carrying an 8 shot 1911. Regardless, IMO at least one spare magazine is mandatory carry with any autoloader in the event that you need to clear malfunctions, especially the dreaded double-feed which is exceptionally difficult to clear quickly without a spare magazine. But to each his own...
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