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+1 on Clyde Frog's post; the belt can be just as important as the holster you're picking out. A $10 Wally-World belt probably isn't going to cut it

As far as a 'concealment jacket' goes, anything past waist-length should do. I personally prefer just a plain button-up shirt untucked with an in-waistband holster. Not expensive (attire or holster), easy to find, and works year-round. Some people like to use Hawaiian shirts because they're looser, but I find any shirt long enough will do. You don't want to start buying stuff that 'brands' you as a CCW holder. Some on-lookers automatically assume anyone wearing 'tactical' clothes is carrying a weapon; or anyone in one of those long photographer's vests .

You may need to adjust your wardrobe slightly for your day-to-day attire. Getting to be comfortable with a CCW may take some time and money at first until you find what works for you. Some folks can carry a full-size 5" 1911 OWB in the middle of summer in a T-shirt and shorts, and others still feel conspicuous carrying a sub-compact Glock under 3 layers of clothing.
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