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Uses choices styles for 5" barrel 1911a1 series .45acp pistols

There are a few major factors when buying or picking a good 1911a1 type holster.
Budget/$$$, security/retention, clothing styles-garments-fashion, skill training, etc.
Major brands like Blade-tech, Galco, Safariland, Mitch Rosen, Bianchi-intl, Don Hume, Kramer Leather, Alessi, Ted Blocker, Milt Sparks, Blackhawk all have decent kit. The Safariland SFS or new ALS holsters have merit.
The polymer Blackhawk CQC or SERPA 1911a1 holsters are sold in different colors/sizes. Many gunners dislike the SERPA models but with training & skill they do very well.
Re-holstering one handed may be needed. A good holster that protects the sights is a desired feature also.
Please note that some popular custom shops like Milt Sparks or Greg Kramer or Mitch Rosen may require a long wait.

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