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oh, I don't know, my GI days taught me that if you can't complain, all that shows is a lack of imagination!

I think the lesson is that talent, skill, artistry, craftsmanship, or what ever you want to call it exists independent of modern technology.

Then there's also the old saying that "the first time is the work of a genius, the 5th time, the work of a skilled craftsman, the 15th time is the work of a tinsmith".

Consider the fact that back in those days people not only had to design the parts, but also cut them out of wood and metal themselves, using hand tools and some powered tools, and get it right, each and every time. Every curve and angle setting had to be done each time, and done right, each time. Quite a bit different from today where now a critical skill is programming the machine to operate rather then operating the machine.

we're not quite to the point of George Jetson, where everything can be done by pushing a single button, but we are closer to that than our forefathers dreamed of.
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