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Take a look at the loooong barrels on early bolt action rifles. The composition has not really changed that much. Most barrels are still 4140 @ about 28 RC. If anything, they cheat now. I remember one well known barrel company advertising "Resulphurized!", like it was a good thing. Take a cut on an old barrel and take a cut on a new barrel. A lot of the new barrels are "Greasy" looking from the sulphur and lead added so it is easier to machine. One barrel that comes to mind is the 30-40 Krag. That is one tough barrel, but they drilled it. You drop an older barrel on cement and it rings. A lot of the newer ones have a dead sound when dropped. I got into machining when there were still a lot of shops with limited CNC. When it comes to small parts, a Brown&Sharpe screw machine with form tools will out run a CNC any day. CNC machines started out with a one tool cycle. There were a lot of multi-spindle cam machines out there that could easily beat them on production time. Old does not necessarily mean not as good, it usually means more expensive.
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