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Winchester Model 1873 Different Stock?

I am helping my mother-in-law sell a gun collection left behind by my late father-in-law, and am new to gun selling. I intend to help her sell the guns, but I want to make sure she doesn't get ripped off. I have identified one of the guns in the collection as a Winchester Model 1873 .38 cal from the markings. On the barrel, it says "Winchester's-Repeating Arms. New Haven CT. King's-Improvement-Patented-March 29. 1866. October 16. 1860." It is a lever-action with an octagonal barrel (sports version?). The serial number behind the finger lever says "148050A." I have done a lot of research on this gun, and feel like some of the specifics don't match the basic style of the gun I've seen online, so I'm wondering if I have incorrectly identified it. I have attached a picture for reference. The main things of note:

1) I was looking at Winchester rifle dating charts, and it does not mention the letter A. From what I saw, it looked like it was manufactured in 1882?

2) There seems to be additional sight parts (which can be seen behind the hammer covering the model name, and made determining the model name VERY difficult for me! haha). I can send more pics if necessary. There is also an additional sight at the end of the barrel.

3) The stock looks nothing like typical stock styles I see in all the pictures online, so I'm wondering if there is something odd about this. It does include the compartment with a sliding door on the back, that contains cleaning tools.

4) I've seen everywhere that the typical barrel length for this gun is 24 inches, but (and I may just be measuring it completely wrong) the barrel seems to be closer to 26 inches.

Have I incorrectly identified this gun? Do I have reason to believe there is something fishy about the parts? How would you recommend selling this gun? Does anyone have an estimation on the value of this gun?

I really appreciate any information and advice you can give me! Thank you!
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