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Honestly, I don't really have a "warm-up" period when I go shooting. Unless it's to hop back in my heated car because my fingers and toes have stopped communicating with the rest of my body (like today...).

My typical range session is 50 to 100 rounds with a specific handgun, with a rough plan of what I want to work on. Today it was first round hits from the holster. Started at 25 yards on a steel silhouette (slightly smaller than an IPSC or IDPA target), 10 draws, 8 hits and caught myself slapping the trigger on the misses. Not bad for shooting with winter gloves on. Then I spent some time working over the plate rack at about 10 yards.

For me, I find picking a skill to work on and planning my range visit around it, is more beneficial to skill building than merely showing up with boxes of ammo and saying "let's shoot stuff." I tend to save the "let's shoot stuff" days for when out with friends now.

(But to tell the truth, my approach is probably from a combination of the recent ammo scarcity and my days shooting EIC rifle matches, where you have no sighters and warm-up is 3 minutes of preparation time. Once that's up you are on the score card. Back when ammo was cheap and I had no responsibilities I used to shoot up 200-250 rounds of 9mm at a time barely slowing down to reload magazines.)
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