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Problem with my old Iver Johnson

Have been searching around looking for information on the 3rd model hammerless myself.

I picked up an old Iver Johnson top break hammerless 38 S&W a while ago. The nickle plating was coming off and looked terrible but actually shot okay. I have come up with an oversized mold and have a quantity of brass, found some dies at a gunshow and have played with it. Then I decided to take it all down to strip off the nickle and duracoat the sucker. It looks great now, like a new gun but I have a problem.

I cannot get the damn thing back together. I removed the trigger and hammer and kept everything together. I am pretty competent with my hands and normally good with mechanical thingies but this has me stymied. I foolishly dropped the little cylinder hand and transfer bar before getting a good picture and now cannot get them back together in proper orientation with a little wire spring. Then how do it get it back up in the frame, does the hammer go in first or afterwards. I got in over my head here and cannot find a diagram.

There are some drawings floating around out there, but none show that little wire spring and how it is orientated or the proper way to reassemble the trigger, cyl hand, transfer bar and hammer inside the frame. Can anyone help out there? I have spend many hours on google looking for that one drawing that will help but to no avail...
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