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I would think multiple Courses could be good from the point of having several slightly different courses not all alike. The multiple courses may all me designed to take you from Point A to Point C. Taking multiple courses just takes you from Point A to C several times. Not a bad thing for learning.

Now with GunSite you might go from Point A to Point E with the longer course. Then you have all the simulators to learn on.

Normally the short courses do not have all the nice things to work with you will have at GunSite.

I would vote for GunSite if you can swing it.

I have an Instructor buddy who just got back from his third trip. Nice to be able to go on the company dime, ammo, travel, lodging, meals, and all.

Unless I win the lottery, I do not see myself ever making the trip.

Off to the Range for Steel Challenge.

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