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Remember folks that if you get yourself into a fight of any kind and especially if you use a weapon of any kind there will be consequences. The police might just come and arrest everyone then let the Prosecutor figure out the next steps. The jurisdiction I am in they run all serious assaults through a grand jury to determine the "next steps". Therefore, you want to avoid trouble. For example, I went to a movie theatre last night and when I pulled in there were some young characters who looked a bit thuggish (for a lack of a better word). So I drove right out the exit of the parking lot and found another movie theatre where I felt more comfortable. I know I can defend myself against these characters, but why would I want to try? I would rather just find another place to watch my movie.
Great example of the mind as a defensive weapon. The best way to win is...not having to fight. Street thugs have nothing to lose anyway...but most law abiding citizens have much to lose.
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