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Good to hear.

You may notice a bit of a difference with the .300 Blk, if shooting supers, but I don't think so. Higher chamber pressure than .458 SOCOM. But, lower volume.
With subs - which generally run 30-35 kpsi - I see no difference between the two. I run SilencerCo Harvester .300s for .300 Blk (my second Harvester is what came in last weekend). Whether on my Blackout* or my brother's Blackout*, I don't really see or feel any difference in gas, compared to .458 SOCOM with a Bowers Vers 458.

*(One of us has a 10.5" barrel. The other has a 9.5" barrel. I can never remember which is which.)

Whatever procedure the ATF uses to shuffle forms through the system is completely broken and unpredictable.
My brother, cornbush here, got a Form 4 (individual) back in just 4 months last year. Meanwhile, the three stamps I mailed several months prior to his (all F4, individual) were still nowhere to be seen. The checks were cashed very quickly. Just last weekend, the first one finally came in, at ... ~300 days / 10 months. But the other two are still up in the air.
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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