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Just wish I knew why it was an issue to begin with.
The most likely reason is that the bayonet is slightly out of spec. If the bayonet came from stocks that had never been issued (put on a rifle) the problem slipping past initial QC would go undetected.

If its a reproduction, essentially the same thing, except we know it wasn't issued to the troops.

Early Moisin-Nagant bayonets were deliberately made to be a very tight fit. Virtually a hammer on/off tight fit. The bayonets were meant to be fixed at all times, not meant to be removed and reattached often. Russians were big on bayonets..

I don't think Argentina followed that school of thought, I think what you have is simple production error that no one discovered, until you did.

If you want to attach it, hone it until it fits, and call it a day. Don't modify the rifle, do all needed work on the bayonet.
Good Luck!
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