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First off, I wasn't aware I was arguing with anyone, nor did I single out anything anyone said unless I put it in a "quote block", but if you want to consider everything you said earlier null and void, you certainly may do so.

Seriously though, you mention both of these things,
contrary to popular belief, you can hold it up, aim down the sights, and fire the gun without it whacking you in the face.
... a 3" 12 Gauge Magnum Slug ...
and you mention some guy on Utube shooting the gun and no getting whacked in the face, so, I'm curious, have you, personally, ever done it?? And, if so, did you do it with the 3" slugs you mention??

I ask this as a serious question, because I have personal experience that watching someone do something does not teach them everything they need to know, it only shows that it can be done, by someone who knows what they're doing.

Friend of mine wacked himself in the nose with the red dot sight on my .45-70 Contender. He had watched me shoot it several times, and a few times off hand, but while he did a fine job with his wrists when he tried it, he didn't do so well with his elbows and the gun came back and hit him in the nose. Bled a bit too! He DID hit the target (steel plate at about 40yds) and after we got the bleeding (and the laughing) stopped, his response was the admirable, "thank you sir! May I have another??"

His second shot also hit the target, and the gun did not hit him in the face. So it can be learned, but just watching someone else shoot doesn't necessarily teach everything you need to know.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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