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Originally Posted by 44 AMP
While I will freely admit to not having fired the Shockwave, I do have experience with a Mossberg 500 with a stock cut off to nearly the identical shape of the Shockwave, though the gun had a couple more inches of barrel.

2 3/4" shells, I found the recoil quite tolerable shooting birdshot but it became noticeably unpleasant moving up to #4 buck and heavier loads were quite painful.

Apparently our personal tolerances in this matter are quite different.

Recoil energy does not "go off into space". YOU may not notice it, but someone else very well might.
Is your Mossberg 500 fitted with a Raptor Grip like the Mossberg 590 Shockwave? Because that's the game-changer here that makes the recoil characteristics of the Shockwave unique from your typical shoulder stock or vertical pistol grip.

What I meant by saying that the recoil force "goes off into space" is that because the grip doesn't butt into your shoulder or palm like it would with a more traditional style of stock or grip, the felt recoil impulse is greatly mitigated. The recoil is most certainly there, as she still jolts backwards with authority just like any scattergun, but the Raptor Grip's design prevents said recoil force from being transferred directly into a limb.
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