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While I liked my KSG for the limited time I had it, it was replaced by a TAC-14. Same TAC-14 rides in my truck at certain work locations, where backup is over an hour out… and management decided that agency owned M4s don’t need to be placed there.

KelTec does come up with good designs, but putting them into practice is a bit spotty. My KSG, same with my SUB-2000, required a lot of money to modify it to a point I felt comfortable with it. Maybe the KS7 would answer the main issue I had with the KSG (selector in the center position equates to dead gun… doesn’t happen with an 870 action), but I really don’t want to chance my luck again with KelTec.

For the issue with aiming, like all things, it comes down to practice and technique. If you look around, there are people that have taken TAC-14s and slugs out to 100 yards. Is it easy? No… but it can be done. My TAC-14 is braced, which makes shootability much easier, especially at further ranges. I get minute of man at 50 yards with Sluggers.

If a firearm like that is not appealing… what about a Mare’s Leg? Big bullet, going a little faster than a traditional pistol.
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