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Originally Posted by wild_cat.mccane:
But everything it does can be accomplished with an X Grip mag sleeve on a G17 But the G45 permanently makes the gun a full size without the option to go No benefit. Clearly I'm wrong cause they are being bought...but I can't think to name a benefit.
I am cursed with big hands and I have a long-standing preference shooting full size service pistols. I am a big fan of the large beavertail backstrap that comes in the box with the 19X, that has been on the gun since I first got it. Works for me to point the gun to the target and that’s what I know and have figured out for myself. I like to carry the 19 rd. extended mag as a spare. I have enough shooting experience with my 19X alongside my Gen3 17 & 19, to know that the 19X could replace either or both the 17 and 19 if I were inclined to do so (I am not).
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