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Originally Posted by JustJake View Post
I have the Gen4 G26. Nice little 12+1 package for when a G19 is more "boat anchor" than you feel you need to tote around.

I suppose it could also work in an under-the-seat "truck gun" role.

Off duty, I carry a 9mm 642-1… only time I switch from that is if I feel I need more than five shots of 9mm, or I really can’t carry that… which my original LCP comes around. If I don’t have a gun on me, either I elected not to for a specific reason or I’m naked.

I do have a P938 SAS, but have been procrastinating on putting more rounds thru it before I really consider it a carry gun. Was looking at the P365 and the Hellcat (still feel gross saying I’m looking at a Springfield), but I just can’t justify the purchase right now. I’m waiting on three suppressors, so trying to get muzzle devices and barrels together before they get out of jail… which is where extra money has been sort of going.

The allure of the 26 is really that I can shove a 19 or 17 (or larger) magazine into it. Being I don’t see myself leaving the agency… I’ll likely be swimming in 9mm Glock magazines for awhile. And having it in the vault inside my truck, it just seems like good idea (usually have extra magazines floating around).
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