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The Glock 45 is a very interesting design… those who like them, really like them. But those that hate them, similarly really hate them. I don’t plan on buying one, but I do like the option. And it seems other people like it, as well.

Personally, if I go with the full grip, I want the full barrel length. Hell, I prefer 34 length… but that is neither here/there.

For a duty gun, the shorter slide is nice when clearing the holster. The longer grip might be a hinderance to some, but being issued a 19 Gen 5 MOS… I wouldn’t mind the larger grip (we also have extended bases that sort of makes my hand stay on the 19 grip; it is for ripping the magazine out of the gun). Again, I rather the larger gun… wouldn’t have been a 34, but the 47 (17 sized gun, 45 frame) would be nice.

I got rid of my .45 Glock 30S a little bit ago, as I stopped carrying it. It literally is the same size as my duty gun, so why not just carry that? Have 9mm AR pistol that takes Glock magazines… figured I’d get another 9mm pistol for myself. Got a P80 (the retro Glock, not the 80% lower)… and really liked it. Probably going to see about getting a 34 slide for it, mainly s***s/giggles… but again, I like the larger pistol.

I really don’t like the multiple sized pistol family, but I might find a 26 Gen 5 for another option. We can’t carry backups on duty, but not a bad gun to have as a spare/truck gun.
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