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So I bought this old .308

Back in the first week of June I bought a M700 BDL in .308 Winchester. Used but not abused rifle. It had seen better days, especially the stock. I only have one picture from the good side I'll post later, on the other there is a big chunk of toe missing. So much that it cut it down and put a recoil pad on would require reshaping the rear if the cheek piece. Also the red recoil pad is from a Ruger rifle, and I think that installation is what broke the toe.

Jimmy is a great guy that sold me this rifle so he disclosed everything and we agreed on the price of $500 for the rifle. Which with the current situation with Remington was a good deal and we both knew it. I was mainly buying for the 1981 action anyway, but this rifle had the chamber I was looking for. When I got back from Grand Junction I immediately ordered a Greyboe Outlander stock for this rifle and ran it to my gunsmith for a little alteration.

I'm having 4" taken off the barrel and threaded for an Silencer CO ASR muzzle brake, so I can use my Omega .300 Suppressor with this rifle. I'm hoping to use this rifle on my fall Black Bear and Elk hunt back over near Grand Junction. So Greyboe quoted me six weeks on my stock and I was having issues being patient, so I canceled my order and paid a little more for their Trekker stock they had in inventory that'll arrive this week. This stock is a departure from my more traditional hunting stocks that I usually buy. I don't know if I'll like it but, it's the lightest option from Greyboe at 23 ounces. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.

I also managed to pick up two Trigger Tech Primary triggers over the 4th of July from optics Planet for $99 each. I've never tried TT before, but I hear good things. I do know they had some recalls recently on their other triggers, but they seem to be making things right.

Now I just have to figure out optics and mounting systems. I do have Burris 2 piece Picaitinny bases, but thinking I might want to go a full rail on this rifle. I've kind of narrowed down the scopes between the Vortex Razor HD LH 2-10X40 HSR4 reticle or the Leupold VX Freedom 4-12X40 SF CDS Tri-MOA reticle. Both of these optics should keep this rifle in a reasonable weight range for packing while hunting.

More to follow as build progress.
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