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Touch hole, barrel length and pressure loss.

I read that the pressure escaping from the touch hole in a muzzleloading rifle can be compensated with a slightly heavier powder charge.

Is this true when it come to muzzleloading pistols with short barrels too? In modern pistols and revolvers, fast burning smokeless powder is used to increase the pressure fast to compensate for the short barrel length. Black powder (and equivalents) generates lower pressure than modern pistol powder, and with a touch hole even more pressure will escape.

So my questions are, how does the length of the barrel and the size of the touch hole affect the pressure in the barrel? If my barrel is 3.5” long and the touch hole is 0.06”, and I use a powder charge of 40 grains of pyrodex (with a 120 grains roundball), how much should I increase the charge to compensate the loss of pressure? (For example, will 45 grains with touch hole perform equivalent to 40 grains without touch hole in a 3.5 inch long barrel?)
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