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I’ll be honest and say it sounds like your instructor is a bit much, depending on how aggressive you mean. As long as you can press the trigger to the rear without disrupting your sight picture the instructors at the SIG Sauer Academy, as a reference, don’t really care whether you use the center of the pad, edge of the pad, joint, etc. In fact they generally encourage you to experiment with trying different finger placement. People have different sized hands and different levels of muscle development. Forcing one way or the other exclusively seems a bit much. The arms fully extended with no bend and wrapping the index finger around the front of the trigger guard are somewhat older techniques. If they work for you okay. In my experience leaving some bend in your arms helps with absorbing recoil and keeping your arms fully extended with no bend tends to tire out your arms. Keeping that level of tension can help if you’re doing strings of rapid fire, but it doesn’t need to be maintained all the time.

I can’t say the instructors I’ve had are ultimately the best or that yours is unequivocally wrong. My experience though is when an instructor is only willing to entertain one technique (absent a safety concern) that’s not someone I’m particularly interested in learning from. My advice is to always give the instructions an honest try, but at the end of the day you have to decide what you do or don’t incorporate into your standard practices.

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