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The use of semi or select fire battle rifles depends on your country's military budget and who your country's management is aligned with these days.
"...why does the left refer to AR-15s..." Makes the innocent AR-15 sound scarier.
" not find them "Attractive"..." The M-16 was ordered adopted by McNamara because he thought it was sexy. The U.S. military didn't want it.
"...The Sword..." Like hand guns, were and still are status symbols. Very few rank and filers during Middle Ages could afford one. OR's don't get 'em for parades now either.
"...THINGS are not bad..." Yep. 'Things' are inanimate objects. Inanimate objects cannot do anything.
The real issue is that unelected civil servants were give the ability to make law by regulation with no legislation or input by elected representatives.
I don't think you have the Constitution right to own property either.
Spelling and grammar count!
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