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As I remember it was "Pelosi" that called them assault rifles first
the person credited with having coined the term "assault rifle" was Adolph Hitler.

If I am right, then why does the left refer to AR-15s as "Military Style Rifles"
They call them military style rifles because if they called them military rifles it would be an actual lie.

"style" is an open ended word, and as long as there is at least a superficial outward resemblance they they aren't technically lying.

Everyone does that all the time. We do it all the time. Just look at how many pistols are called 1911s.

I am under the impression that the militaries of the world use automatic/semi-automatic rifles, i.e. switchable between semi and automatic.
The term you are looking for is "select fire" or "selective fire". Able to switch from semi to full auto at the flip of a switch or the push of a button on the gun.

And, generally, today, no military issues a semi auto only version of a select fire arm for a general service rifle, as there is no point.

Even the M14 was, and is, a select fire weapon, legally, (in the US) a machine gun. The fact that the majority of the issued rifles were not switchable by the user does not matter.
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