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I'm not a hunter, but here's how my friends do it. They prefer to hunt in warm weather; who wants to be cold? They drink plenty of expensive whiskey. Then they shoot one of God's furry creatures and ask each other "What now"; answer: "Hell if I know. Who can butcher this thing? Answer: No me, I don't even have a knife."

What follows is a discussion about various poison glands, some parts which contain urine and poop, and at least a mention of a gall bladder, whatever the Hell that is.

Then they go in search of someone who can dress the dead animal. Sometimes they find someone and sometimes they give up and hack the animal into more manageable pieces by themselves Most often they use a 4-wheeler and drag the whole thing out of the woods, dump it in their pick up truck, and go in search of a business which advertises "We Butcher Deer". But since they know something about spoilage, they make sure to take care of business in 48 hours or less. You can't be too careful when it comes to spoiled meat.

Eventually they end up with their kill cut up into pieces small enough to go on the Weber grill and they cook one piece which most resembles a steak or pork chop. Of course it tastes like crap, so they grind up the remaining meat and make a huge pile of spicy sausage, the more spice the better.

Finally they have a huge BBQ party complete with warm beer and lots of home made sausage. They usually have hot dogs for the kids too and that's what I eat. If I don't see any ball park franks, I just drink the beer.
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