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A lot of times here in Nebraska, it gets pretty warm during spring turkey hunting, and spoilage could be a problem. My best solution for keeping a bird cool is to freeze water in some of the larger pop (soda) bottles, like the 16.9 oz. ones. After the bird is shot and gutted, shove one of the bottles in the body cavity. About 1-2 hours later, take that one out and put in another one. Keep the flies away and out of the sun, and that bird will keep all weekend with maybe 2-4 frozen water bottles. Never had a turkey go bad in the group, and that covers 60 or so turkeys

Same trick is used on deer when it is warm, but substitute a gallon milk jug full of water that is hard frozen. I've cut up close to 200 deer, since I have a lot of relatives who are all too willing to tag them and give them to me so they can go out and fill another permit.
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