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The best I can get M855 out of a 1:12 is at about 85-90 yards, then it goes south.

Velocity does matter. The test I posted was M16's, A1&A2s.

I have both and my rifles pretty much shot the same report as the test I posted.

Having said that, I have Remington M700 with a 1:12. It shoots the 62s much better then my SP1 (1:12). I'm sure that is do to velocity.

How ever I have a Remington Action Mann Device which is 1:7. Its only an 18 inch barrel yet it shoots the 62s much better then the M700 1:12 even with less velocity.

One must understand that Barrel Twist Guides, are just that, Guides, not all guns are the same.

What I take from John's charts, as well as the Army's, is that fast twist shoot light bullets better then slow twist shoot heavy bullets.
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