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I have never killed a hog but i average 4 deer, 2 antelope and at least 2 elk every year and a bear if I am lucky.

I never field dress elk...they are just too darned big. I skin, quarter and bone the animal where it fell. I usually try to salvage the heart and it is easy to get the tenderloins by making a cut behind the last rib. Antelope are field dressed and quartered and go into the cooler asap.

I had a blacksmith make me a game pole that fits into my hitch receiver. It has a boat winch of it and is capable of hoisting a large bodied whitetail or mule deer. This works great for skinning and boning out game in the field as long as you stay legal. I package and grind my own meat as well. That way I know whose it is and how it was treated

I really like the idea of the pump sprayer. I have a 5 gallon plastic one that is going into my truck specifically for hunting this year.
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