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cjwils As I understand it, the problem with using your local FFL to send your gun to another FFL for repair or service, is that your local FFL is required to treat that as a transfer.
I don't know how that's a "problem"'s a transfer of possession. Doesn't matter if its:
Owner>FFL/Gunsmith> back to owner, no 4473 required by federal law.
Owner>his local FFL> FFL/Gunsmith>back to local FFL> to owner, no 4473 required by federal law.

Both circumstances are identical as far as the owner is concerned. The recordkeeping requirements are the same for both licensees.

It's possible your state may be more restrictive than federal law.

And when it comes back, that is another transfer. That causes legal problems and extra fees in some states.
Not sure how it causes "legal problems" in any state. If your local dealer is charging an outbound "transfer fee" AND a second "transfer fee" when its need a better dealer.

Or have I misunderstood something? I am pretty sure that when I did this several years ago, I had to go through a formal transfer process to get my own gun back.
Only if your state has additional requirements beyond federal law.
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