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They have some exclusive deal with the USPS. Lightning fast, too. They don’t want firearms in the pipeline for too long. For known reasons.

Some, if you are shipping back to manufacturer for repairs or warranty work, choose FedEx. Walther is a fan of FedEx, as when I sent my P99 back for warranty repair, that is who they told me to use. As for FFL’s, yeah they have a thing with the USPS.

$61 for a transfer??!! Jeez bud, that sounds like what I went through when I wanted to ship a pistol through a “Hoity toity” gun shop near me. They wanted $75 to ship a gun and $100 for a dealer to dealer transfer (online buy). I about had a conniption on the spot. NO WHERE in my great state of Pennsylvania have I ever had to shell out more than $35 for either a transfer or shipping. Except that ivory tower.
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