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Shoot 40 S&W in a 10mm?

Not trying to prolong a back and forth discussion or argument on shooting 40S&W in a 10 mm semi-auto, but in my eyes unless the manufacturer publishes you can shoot both in the same gun, then one should not do it. I’ve never seen any Semi-auto 10mm mfr state that in their documentation. However the S&W 610 revolver documentation does state you can shoot both in the same gun.

About 3 years ago, I took up reloading as a post-retirement hobby. I’m very wary of Internet forum posts that say “yeah, it’s perfectly safe” to do do this or that beyond maximum load data. Take their claims with a shaker full of rock salt as they aren’t the ones taking the risk when the trigger is squeezed. In my eyes, it’s the same story of what ammo to feed your pistol.

Seems you’re on a gun buying spree, Alan. Me too. Bought three revolvers on my last outing, no monthly maximums here. Wish you could do that too.
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